A Big Shout-Out to Boondocks Coffee Company LLC in Pueblo West, Colorado

Here is to hoping I can give you a little better exposure with a good review! Free too!

Boondocks Coffee Company, located at 76 North McCulloch Blvd., Suite 180 in Pueblo West, Colorado, really is serving up some world-class java. I’ll have to admit by now that I have become a connoisseur of coffee, having enjoyed myriad unique varieties of coffee around the world. I’ve enjoyed coffee roasted by many different companies around the globe, and I have written reviews in the past. However, some of the best coffee I have tasted was right here at Boondocks.

Not only that, but the level of service is impeccable. Boondocks has been in business for over five years at the current location, and though surrounded by competition such as Starbucks and other local coffee shops, business is more than steady. Not only that, but I am almost certain the owner Leah has several hard drives installed in her head to keep track of every customer’s “usual.”

Now here comes the best part. They serve Dillanos Coffee, touted to be the “smoothest coffee in the world,” and I am going to have to say every cup is true to that claim. Not once have I had a coffee that tastes just as good from the first sip to the last bit i’m shaking out of the cup. it is also very difficult for anyone to match the mixing skills of Leah or any of her well trained baristas.

Dillanos coffee is roasted, packaged, and sent out same day for a cup that boasts the entire flavor bouquet that stale, old coffee beans just can’t have. If you didn’t know, coffee terpenes (oils) contain over 400 distinct flavor profiles, which vary according to many different situations. Altitude, humidity, geographic origin, soil structure, fertilizers, harvesting and fermentation methods, and roasting all create nuances that give coffee that distinctness.

By roasting the beans in small batches and sending them out immediately, Dillanos preserves those nuances for the benefit of the coffee connoisseur. Those who don’t have any idea about all that simply remark it is one of the best coffees they have ever had. The folks at Boondocks in turn grind the beans fresh, on the spot, and use them in short order so you never get a stale cup. To toss my cup from the brew pot to the espresso machine, they also carry “Great White” espresso, which isn’t roasted at all — just ground, unroasted beans — that has a strong, nutty, almost hazelnut flavored profile. The concoction I have become utterly, unabashedly addicted to goes as such:

White Chocolate Mocha, Breve (Half & Half instead of Skim Milk), 2 shots Great White Espresso, Coconut & Hazelnut Syrup, with Coconut sprinkles and Whipped Cream. Large. It sounds like it is sweet and it is! But that Great White espresso, being totally unroasted, has ALL the caffeine that usually dissipates during the roasting process. This in turn means it feels like you have jet fuel in your veins from the very first sip. From 0 to 160 in less than 2 seconds. Just how I like to get my day started!

So KUDOS TO YOU, Boondocks Coffee Company, Leah, and your crew. keep up the good work and may business prosper!



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