How Do You Start your Day?

Lately, i have been able to inch myself back into my normal routine, but it wasn’t always like this. Being unemployed, I now have a lot more “free time” in my day to accomplish the things that matter most to me. I put free time in quotation because we never really have free time… It’s just a perception. Any time that is “free” and not used wisely is wasted, like a vanished thought. You cannot get it back, and each of us is only allotted a fraction of a sniff of a glimpse of time in existence. Here I am breaking my routine to make a post, but I wanted to get it out there before I did anything so I could start my next post with a fresh outlook.

My routine involves coffee, meditation, and yoga stretching. I have found that when I get up in the morning and grab that first cup of coffee, even though the Yogis say caffeine is poison and all the sugar and milk bad for me, it just starts my day off right. If the motto is everything in moderation, then I figure I just need to do as much yoga and meditation as the coffee I drink to keep things balanced. So for all you coffee haters out there — I love you too!

Meditation is extremely important to me because I have so much swimming around in my head, just like the rest of you. I don’t meditate to reach a pinnacle of awareness, or to lower my cancer risk, or whatever the case may be for normal people. I don’t even do it for the purpose of being healthy. My brain is like a computer from 1996 that has downloaded way too many junk files, been hoarding letters and writings and ideas for years, and badly needs to be DE-fragmented. Maybe a better analogy is a filing cabinet stuffed with random junk. Meditation offers me a way to sort of align my thoughts, calm my nerves, and bring my brain to some sort of baseline. Mind you, it is very hard to quiet a raucous brain and takes considerable effort, of which has taken me about 4 years to reach this point. I have so far to go!

Yoga and stretching have become an integral part of my life that I no longer only dedicate to one time of day. I am a disabled veteran on the United States Air Force. I have extremely painful, chronic, dull aches and stabbing sensations in my back, all at once, every day of my life. I don’t take conventional medication anymore because I needed so much that I was absolutely addicted to the pills for a few years and recognized it. I even stay away from Ibuprofin because I have taken so many of the 800mg “horse pills,” almost certain it was damaging my liver and kidneys. Yogic exercises, stretching, and conscious breathing (pranayama) combine for me to reduce pain, or even just to distract me through the worst of the ephemeral misery.

So when you see a guy doing weird stretches at the bus stop, in the grocery store, or while giving speeches on a stage, rest assured he is probably in pain and has an unconventional way of dealing with it, rather than medicating it away. When I start my day with coffee, 20 minutes to an hour of meditation, and about 10 minutes of yoga stretches, I know my day is starting off on the right foot. Because who gets up on their left foot?

Now that I have that off my chest, time to get to my morning routine.


Much love to all of you. May today be one of change for you, and great, positive change at that.


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