Stuck in a Rut? Write Yourself Out of it.

For many, the day to day routine is all too familiar. Millions of Americans go through their daily lives clinging religiously to their bathroom, coffee, smoking, work, and family routines. So many of us are caught up in the daily grind that before long we cannot find our way out of the doldrums and sometimes even sink further in.

There are young people today who find themselves glued to their phones and social media networks, not actually using them for productivity, but “addicted” and caught up in their web of distraction nonetheless. There are middle aged folks who have gotten so used to the week in and week out work schedule to make ends meet that they have forgotten how to live, and can’t find the time or money to do something different. Worse, when they do, it is almost like eating a few handfuls of popcorn when you’ve been without food for a week. Older generations might find themselves devoid of the family grind they have become so accustomed to with all the children out of the house. Retirees on limited income end up becoming shut-ins, socially forsaken and depressed when they feel their life has become lackluster.

If any of this sounds even remotely like you, consider picking up a pen or pencil, or start tapping away on your keyboard if that is your preference, and write yourself out of your funk.

Have you ever considered becoming the character of your own life’s story? Quite literally, instead of doing the same thing you have been for weeks, months, maybe even years, change your story. Sit down. Have that cup of coffee, and dream about the things you used to. Think back to when you were a child and your teacher had you write a story about what you wanted to be when you grew up. For myself, a few things come to mind. I wanted to be an archaeologist. I wanted to be an adventurer — a seeker of gold! I wanted to be a garbage man, too. Remember that creativity you had as a child before anyone told you that you couldn’t do whatever it is that you wanted to become. Forget reality, realistic expectations, or how you are to become it, and just write it.

I decided more than a few years ago that I wanted to help create a profound, positive change in the world, and so I started writing about the things I was going to do. Then almost miraculously, I started to do those things! Of course, I became busy with the new excitements that had come into my life, and my writing tapered off. So i started writing again and voila! The engine started up again. Over the years I have taken this intimate on and off approach to life with no regrets.

I cannot tell you how many times I have written something only to do it and find out it was horribly wrong for me and ending in abject failure. However, I know that failure is just a process of elimination and that behind every failure is a new silver lining of opportunity. That opportunity would not be there if I had not tried whatever it was that I failed at, and normally I would not have even tried some things because of realistic limitations my logic thrust into being.

I cannot stress enough how thoughts are things. The more we think about something, the more that thought comes into being. However, thinking about something is not good enough to make it come into your life, you have to make more commitment. When you write something that was previously a figment or creation of your brain, you actually create something out of nothing. When you use a pen or pencil and rub off the graphite particles onto the woody-fibrous paper, or whatever else, you are literally manifesting thoughts that were previously unknown to man into physical being. There is a certain, unparallelled power in that. “The pen is mightier than the sword” takes on a whole new meaning.

Architects draw buildings into existence. Auto engineers dream of your next vehicle and draw it out until the lines and curves are perfect. A sculptor sees a block of marble and later it becomes a fine work of art. These all have creation in common but they all started as imaginary thoughts, and a lot of them “impossible.” Yet, the author of these ideas never thought impossible because they brooded and worked laboriously to turn a dream into reality, and the world has become better for many of them. Of course as a caveat, you can take the negative stance and design negativity by the same means, but who cares about that? We are all about positive here.

Who cares if whatever it is you are thinking about is “stupid” or “impossible.” Do not worry about the limitations of logic, because your logic could be, and most likely is faulty. Keep in mind that so many ideas were once impossible. Cell phones in the 1500s? Impossible. Televisions that you could speak face to face with someone in China? Impossible in the 1940s. Drink the same green tea as Emperor Taizu of Song Dynasty? Impossible in 960ish AD. Artificial lighting in a little bulb? Impossible in 1810.

If you want to go places, you need to begin by keeping the end in mind. Write to get yourself as far as you can see. Then when you get there, you can always see further. Keep in mind though, that the best view usually comes from climbing to great heights through all types of foot-traps and obstacles. Now that you’ve read this though, you know you have the power to sit down at any insurmountable obstacle or situation, take the time to open up a journal, and write yourself a way around it.

What are you waiting for?



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