Keeping Up with Intersecting Opportunities

Ever had more than one strand of opportunity going at a time, and before you know it, you have a web of confusion because you cannot concentrate on all of them at once?

Have you ever took a job, but had several other job offers crop up and you just aren’t sure which deviation to take? You didn’t know if one opportunity was better than another or the one you currently have?

Have you heard that the world is in a deep, dark recession (or depression) and are afraid if you quit your job you won’t find new, gainful employment? Have you heard that millions of people are unemployed and the job market is tough?

Do you not want to try your hand at something new because you are unsure you have the skills to dabble in the new endeavor? Suppose you did have the skills, and were merely frightened that you couldn’t meet the standards of today. Would you try to?

Or would you do what I am going to term “The 95[percent]” would do? The 95, or rather, the 95 percent of people who succumb to the herd mentality and live life following others’ methods and suggestions. Most Americans understand that about 2% of the United States citizens hold more money than the other 98%. This statistic holds relatively true for the rest of the globe, as well. Continuing with statistics, roughly 5% of the population is “successful” according to most peoples’ descriptions of success.

Success is intangible, ephemeral, and fluid. It can be defined in many ways. Some would say success is making a million dollars. Others would say that is a finite sum that would deplete within a few short years unless invested wisely. Some would say success is being able to spend all their time with their family. Others would say being able to travel free from restriction. Some people describe success as having their needs met and being able to help others as much as possible. Others would say that success is being able to let go…

Success is internal; it is within YOU. What you do with that success is where it materializes. If you don’t believe you will be successful, you won’t be. If you can only see obstacles in your way, you will be jumping hurdles your entire life. Man, is that exhausting! In seeing the world with the insight that you already have the success within you, you can now take that diamond peg and start your search for the right keyhole.

Most of us have had the child’s toy in which you have to match the multiple-shaped pegs into the corresponding holes.  I know if you haven’t, you have at least heard someone in life talking about “square pegs and round holes.” If not, now you know where the term came from. 95% of people go through their lives dramatically less “successfully” as the other 5% simply because they waste too much time trying to jam the wrong pegs into the wrong holes. Especially in the pursuit of money.

The biggest difference in the 5 and 95 are that the 5% have creative faculties, try new things and aren’t afraid of risk. They calculate risk and take it when it appears to be better in their favor, and maybe even seek the rush of excitement associated with the risk. They have an abundance mentality. They aren’t afraid to create a solution to somebody’s problems and offer it as a product. They aren’t afraid to build a business out of that idea when 95% of others are telling them the idea would never work.

The world was built on the shoulders of giants, but those giants belonged in the 5%. Some were poor and destitute but made great change in the world. Some were companies who have molded and shaped the face of the nation. Some have been politicians, good or bad. These people focused on  what they wanted to do, and when inspected closer, you find they had to be creative throughout their life in order to make their dreams a reality.

  • When you find yourself with multiple opportunities, take an insightful approach. Take an internal look into yourself to see what true qualities you can offer.
  • Even if the opportunity is initially not what you like, you may learn something you do like.
  • If you never say yes, you give yourself less to build on in life.
  • Failures are opportunities. When you say “I don’t know” you give your power away to someone who does. When you try something and fail, you at least know what doesn’t work. Do something different next time.
  • Other peoples’ failures are opportunities. A foreclosed house will eventually be sold on market later. Someone wasn’t able to make their ends meet for whatever reason and failed in home ownership. You now have an opportunity to take that property, restore it, and the entire community benefits somewhat for the transaction.
  • Keep track of your opportunities with a white erase marker and a mirror. It forces you to look at yourself when you write down things most important to you. Write what you’re doing. If you get paid for something, volunteer an hour or two in the other endeavors because most people like free help. If not, they are either a dunderhead or are afraid of liability. Create a waiver of liability, or whatever they need to enable you to volunteer.
  • Volunteer for skill building. Live like a glass of water half full that has a hole in the bottom.
  • Volunteer for networking. You meet lots of people with your common interest, or at least that one.
  • Volunteer to help people. When you go out simply to be a servant for someone who has a need for your unique gift, they will be more than glad to give you their experience which will help you sort out your opportunities.
  • Keep walking. Go as far as you can see, because when you get there, you will always be able to see further.
  • Expect nothing but an experience. NOTHING. You can in your own mind create opportunities that do not exist. If you are not prepared to see through this imagined opportunity, don’t expect anything. You are there to DO. Not get.
  • Exercise your ability to say no when you are overloaded. A person has to know their limits. There is no point in attempting to please everyone. If you do, you will fail everyone miserably. Pick your challenges.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said it no better:

It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.


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