I Am Not an Affiliate Marketer, Though I Might Like to Be.

I am just a regular ol’ blogger. I write to exercise my writing muscles, to entertain my brain, and to share my knowledge with others. I started blogging because maintaining a website like I used to that had very little revenue coming in was just too much work to maintain. I had everything to lose and nothing really to gain. I spent a few hundred dollars to buy the website, the domain, and all the associated costs. I spent months creating my own art, my own photos, my own forum, my own search engine optimization, and it really didn’t get anywhere.

I had created a website that I ran, owned, and operated by myself with no aid from others. Not even one digital bit. I contacted my advertisers by phone or email, cold call style. I asked them if they would like to advertise on my site because I loved their product and I wanted to promote them. If I did a good job and the company personally liked my reviews of their products, they either paid me a small sum, or they would respond with “we would love to advertise on your site, but to make sure we are getting the most for our money, we require your site to have at least xxx,xxx views per month. I can’t really remember, but I believe my site had gotten 68,000 unique views per month at its peak, after maybe 8 months in service. It felt slow, every new person coming to the site. I had 6 months into working on the site before it ever saw the internet or had a single visitor.

I labored night and day on Adobe Dreamweaver, literally weaving my dreams into reality. I would sleep at night, my brain wide awake reviewing code I had looked over and over to find the error that caused something to be amiss. I would go to work, do my thing, and when I had spare time to think it would be about backgrounds, layouts, color combinations, search engine optimization. I spent more hours on my own website than i ever would on any customer’s site; it was a labor of sweat and love. To be honest, I just chose the wrong content to start with.

I wanted to separate all the current events’ garbage from the good, and present a site that compared what was news with what was not news. I wanted a site that I could review the products that I had personally used. I wanted to share the things that worked for me, and what didn’t, so others might be able to learn from my mistakes so they don’t have to repeat them. I wanted to create an open forum for which others across the globe could exercise their minds in philosophy and explore more ways of thinking. The problem? I combined it all, and I could not focus.

The workload started piling up faster than I could maintain. Web spam bots crawled my forum, spewing Viagra ads and inserting Lorem Ipsum faster than I could remove as a human being. I had inspired fans emailing me more than I could respond to while still having to work a normal day like the rest of you guys. The easiest thing for me to do was to close my forums and rely solely on attracting new visitors with fresh, new media daily. I can attest that the amount that I was doing was enough work for at least three desk jockeys in a newsroom. Then there’s the research to  go with it. I just couldn’t keep up with it. Lofty goals set high in the sun, but the bar was unreachable from the get go. I couldn’t even jump to reach the bar to start my exercise, and there wasn’t anything around for me to stand on.

The readers of my website inspired me, though. There were those people all across the globe who enjoyed reading what I had to say. They enjoyed coming back day after day to find out what new, fresh information I had found. They opted to start their day with me rather than go to the regular, overused outlets. It felt good. For so long I have been reaching out to the wrong people because of my personal reach. The internet brought people to me who were looking for me. Those of us with a like mind. I enjoy inspiring others to command their own destinies, and I admit I need your inspiration as well to make it in my journey. Help me help you.

As in the title, I am not an affiliate marketer. I notice a lot of you who check out my blog are in one ring of service or another, and I will fully admit that I am pretty suspicious about the scams out there. I personally know how to develop my own market leads, how to contact companies for product trials, and how to market them effectively. I am a graphic designer and photographer, and can create my own backdrops, layouts, and stock. I could keep going but it would only be shameless plugging. That said, I am not in need of joining an affiliate network, such as Project AWOL and the like. I’m simply not interested in pyramid schemes though I will admit you can be successful if you’re the right person. I’m just not that person.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t those of you out there, like me, who offer our outstanding writing capabilities and experience to legitimately promote the items we love and trust most, for a little bit of coin so we can feed our families. If there are those of you who have some great experience to share with me regarding legitimate companies to contact, references, research tools, advertisers, or anything else that you would like to share, let me know. Again, no affiliate networks. I believe in analysis, research, and traffic profiling. I will do all due diligence necessary. =)



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