The Importance of Writing Lists… and Follow-Through

It has become glaringly evident the importance of writing lists and keeping to them. I have only recently been writing lists that have more meaning than “eventually will get done.” I mean, I have written to-do lists. I have written down things of priority, and inventory lists. Data, records, you name it.

However, I haven’t really ever kept running lists of things I plan to eventually do that I haven’t outright planned. I know that writing lists such as the below would keep you organized:

  1. Organize bills
  2. Sort according to priority, bill date, etc.
  3. Pay bills
  4. File bills that have been paid.
  5. Etc.

When you write down the other stuff in your life such as below, you might think that it is silly, but what you ctually do is set up a list of goals for you to accomplish in your life. No matter how small, or dumb it may seem, you are actually prioritizing the little things in life, giving you little wins along the way.

  1. Get up at 5am
  2. Get into shower by 5:10am
  3. Do stretches in shower.
  4. Walk dog after shower
  5. Have coffee by 5:30am
  6. Brush teeth after coffee
  7. etc, etc, etc

You can see how easy it is to make a simple list. By repeatedly successfully accomplishing the little, easy wins in life, you get the sensation psychologically that you get things done and are efficient. You feel like more of a go getter, never get too behind like you used to. Use lists as an opportunity to grow.

By the way, I wrote this while on the phone with an unemployment claims representative. Forgive me for any errors!


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