Human Existence is Counting On YOU.

In the entire span of human existence, there has only been 107 billion people. In 1 A.D., there were approximately 300 million people on the planet. That means that in the era of 1AD, there were as many people on the entire globe as there is in the united states entirely. The count of people on the face of the Earth this very minute is approximately 7,220,930,222 according to If you lived 15 consecutive years in  this age, you will have experienced living on our planet with more people than have ever lived on the planet in its known history.

You are one in 7.220 billion. That is how unique you are. If it makes you feel small, consider that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole — that is, you are more important in the whole scenario than you might think. Ponder how individual gears and springs that make up the internal workings of an old clock. With all gears, sprockets, and springs in place, the clock works tried and true. However, with one little sprocket missing, the clock is useless. You are a sprocket. Or a spring. Maybe you are the casing or the faceplate. You could be a hand, or a number painted on the dial. Your function could be the screw that fastens the back to ensure a water-tight seal. You could be the lacquer that keeps the entire piece looking new through the years.

Too often are we caught thinking about our purpose in life. Searching for purpose. Yearning to find our way in the unforgiving darkness. We go throughout our lives searching for that spark when really it was there with us the entire time. This is applicable to everyone, regardless of age or eon. As you get older, those abilities and gifts you were given to create in the world dissolve and leave us, especially on the deathbed. We were made to create by using our individual talents.

Some of us were made to create good things, and some of us are here to create chaos. There will be good and bad through all eternity and we will always be slave and subject to it. There will always be players on either side. The only choices you have to make is which side you are on, and then how you react to every obstacle you are given. Your purpose is to create using your talents. Your talents are different from mine. Or they can be the same. They will be different. You never know. 1 in 7 billion. That’s you. You make a difference.

Think about everything you have experienced in your entire life. If it is easier, think about everything you learned in a certain time period. Compare that to what you know about other people in your life. Dig even further into research if it makes you feel better. However, you will find that there has been not one other person on the face of this Earth that has had the exact same journey in life as you. That is important. In the scientific community that would be counted as a variable. We are ALL variables. Nothing in life is constant. That is why you are so important.

As long as you exist on this planet, you have the ability to influence it. Your small actions in this world ripple out like a wave in a calm lake. Your actions spread and empower and motivate others to take action. Good or bad, every action you make is acted upon by others. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If that is truly the case and it is universal law, it would therefore be safe to say that life is a 2 for 1 deal every day. Every action, every decision you make, every mistake or success. If you perform a good action, somewhere there will additionally be one good and one bad action created in response. Conversely, if you perform a bad action, there will be another bad as well as good action realized.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance in life to make good, positive decisions so you are creating good at a rate twice that of bad. If you did ten good things today, you would in reality be creating 20 good things and 10 bad things. You can’t help what bad comes, but you can choose the good at least. Use that power. You have the power of choice. You have the power to create that much needed good in the world. Realize life comes with a price. Life comes with a cost. Take the risks necessary to make your abilities and gifts materialize into your life.

You know when it is time to move from a painful situation into a better one. Your insight calls to you. It beckons. It yearns. Follow it. Your uniqueness is integral to the success of the rest of the human race. Do your thing. I support you.


Much love.


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