Wake Up, the World Needs You.

Good morning.

I sincerely wish your day is a good one. If you are reading this, then the message is meant for exactly you.

You are going to create something good today. I hope you positively touch someone’s life. I am grateful that you will.

I am grateful for the string theory, Karma, the universal field, whatever name you may give it. I am grateful that I know that what you think of most you draw into your life. I am thinking about you. I know you will draw to you those things that matter most, and for that I am also grateful.

For where there are those who are grateful, there will be peace and goodness. I am grateful that I can give that to you through the aether.

Wherever you are, whatever it is that you do that you are great at, I am grateful for your skill and talents. I am grateful that your experiences make this world so much more interesting. I am grateful for the conversations we have had and for those to come. I am grateful that you never leave the experience boring.

I am grateful that you are here to share this age of existence with me. There have been no others like you in the past, and you choose to be on the planet at the same time as I. Thank you for that. You are unique and wonderful. The sun shines for you.

I am grateful for this entire experience.

So wake up. It is time for you to do your thing and make a positive change in the world. While you have been sleeping I have been thinking of you, preparing how I might do good today and enrich this experience I am a part of. I started my day with you. So get up, stronger than the day before. Get up, do a little extra that you couldn’t do yesterday. Realize that there are others out there who need you even if you only work on yourself. When you work on yourself, you definitely affect others. Insight. In-sight. Sight which comes from within.

I’m only telling you things that insight has been nagging you about already.

I love you.


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