Set Unrealistic Goals

It sounds counter-intuitive, but it isn’t. Set goals you can’t reach? Where is the sense in that?

Well, what I mean is to set those goals for yourself that other people believe are unrealistic. After all, other peoples’ opinions are just that. Their opinions. Les Brown said it best: “Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality.”

Prior to Becquerel and the Curies, it can be assumed the effects of radiation near open ores would have been attributed to black magic or some other sinister force. Artificial light was unfathomable before Thomas Edison came into the picture. At one point, Tele-Vision was science fiction. How many more times throughout our fleeting history has the impossible been made possible? In the case of our modern day existence, what was once impossible is now pervasive to the point of being mundane?

Before every big change came people who everyone else thought were weird for not thinking like the rest of society. Most of these people labored on their own ideas, which became hopes, dreams… and then realities. Through sheer persistence and determination, hundreds of thousands of humans have created many such advances in their lifetimes that combined, they pushed humanity forward. This momentum kept building up, bringing us to our present day. Together we stand, on the shoulders of giants such as Buckminster Fuller, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and others. Like you.

Today, one page of a newspaper would contain more information than the majority of people alive prior to the 1500s even had access to. Now, 2.4 billion people use the internet today. The vast amount of knowledge and information that is available to one who logs onto the internet is truly mind boggling. Comparing the time it takes to read a page of newspaper, you could literally spend forever learning something new on the internet.

The internet provides ample evidence of people with too much time on their hands. Why not put those hands together to share information with a purpose to push everyone else forward? Each of you has something unique to add to life. You each have something that the rest of humanity needs but can’t get because you haven’t done whatever it is yet. Worse, it is probably because you are worrying about someone’s opinion who said your idea or thought was stupid or impossible.

Take the stance in life that you no longer even have time for those people who mock or ridicule your ideas. Even if they are completely outlandish. If your mind can conceive, and believe, it can achieve. Do not rely on your faculties because they can be wrong. You may not have gotten the best education. However, if you use what you are given to the fullest possible extent, you will always be able to get yourself a little further. Or a lot further. Anyone who scoffs or doubts you has taken a stance, willingly or not,  to plant the seed of doubt in your mind. Enough seeds and you will soon have a lawn filled with dandelions of doubt, which take you further from the path of realizing your ambitions.

Instead, find the people who think like you. Seek out those motivated by the same passions as yourself. Find the best in whatever it is you like to do, and aspire to be like them. Whatever the successful are doing is worth looking into. I have found that it is not worth telling the world what you want to do in it, because the world won’t listen. If you surround yourself with people like yourself who care about your ideas, they will add to them. You will find yourself more often than not having to explain intricate details you had not previously thought of. Thus, true networking aids in the refinement of ideas.

No matter who you are, there are more out there like you. Choose the good, and make a difference!


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