Spread Some Love

Without telling you exactly who you are, every one of you on this Earth that I have been able to touch in some way, anyone I have been able to make some kind of difference in your life, and those of you reading these words, I love you. Thank you for your experience. Good or bad, perceived or intended, thank you for the experience you have imparted into my life, and for the opportunity to share a part of my experience.

I can only hope that the experiences I create and am a part of in the future are purely on the positive side. However, I am human and a realist and understand not everything can always go well and positive. Isn’t this truly what makes the beautiful moments in life so much more precious?

I have had the opportunity to travel the world from an early age, and I can say with experience that just as much as their is fear and hate in the world, there is so much more love. Have faith in the good things, and stop to appreciate those precious things going on around you right in front of your face. Tilt your phone to the side a little, look up. What do you see around you? Is there some way you see some type of caring action going on around you? If not, seems like it is a perfect time for an act of kindness. Pure love.

Pick one person in your proximity and do something nice for them. It is even better if you can find out some amount of information in how to help them with a specific issue they actually need help with. I have chosen to pay heating bills around Christmas-time, seems like a good choice. I couldn’t imagine not having heat on Christmas of all times. Someone remodeling a house could use some extra hands around the place and it is also a perfect opportunity to pick up an extra set of skills and probably a few new lessons and stories.

Its easy to do something nice. Love spreads like wildfire on a brisk wind. No matter where you are in the world, no matter your culture, your skin color, love is infused within all of us. We all want it and need it. So give some to someone who could use some!


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