About Adam


My name is Adam, and I am a 31 year old attempting to make something of myself. Currently unemployed, I am attempting to make the best use of my time possible. By actively writing, I am honing my skills and getting past the most common excuse I have used for not writing — “I don’t have the time.”

I now have what seems to be all the time in the world to write, and up until now, I have been pouring that effort into creating resumes for work. Bleary-eyed and weary of such bland content matter, and frustrated with all the walls I have been meeting in today’s economic quagmire, I am breaking out! I’ll admit that right now, I don’t even know the content I will be publishing. It is a free-writing free-for-all until i can find some kind of bearing.

Like a ship sailing across the Atlantic Ocean destined toward a new land of unexplored greatness, my voyage has been seasoned with adversity, pounded by relentless waves, my crew near mutiny. While I still have my map and my compass, I am going into uncharted territory with the determination of Christopher Columbus or Erik the Red.

Seek and ye shall find, listen, and ye shall hear, look, and ye will see.

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