Be Happy Right Now.

Right now, where you are, whatever it is you are doing, be happy doing it.

Believe in yourself. Have confidence that you are willing and able to surmount any obstacles that may come in your path. You are a human being. You are created in the image of your creator, endowed with the ability to create. Not only do we create from the works of our hands, but also create utilizing the mind and spirit.

Keep low expectations. The world does not owe you anything. Nothing at all. If it does owe you something, I would believe it is death since it is the only thing that all of us experience. Death is guaranteed while nothing else is. If you keep your expectations low and attempt to do the greatest good with what you currently have, you may find that you always gain better than your expectations.

I am not saying that you need to have zero expectation, just lower expectations. For instance, if you find yourself at a new job you must not expect to be promoted to the business owner. You must not expect a huge salary or wage. You must not expect that it will be your dream job, or that you will have extra time or money.

Instead, see it for what it is. A new job. Income. A possibility to achieve new heights. An ability to learn something new. Keep these expectations, and then see exactly what it is that you can add to the situation that is directly within your sphere of influence. Only try to create positive change through those things you are directly able to manipulate. If your job is 9 to 5, come in at 8:30 and leave at 5:15. If you are to sweep floors, mop them even when not asked. If you are an executive and you see something amiss, fix it yourself and don’t wait for others to fix it for you. If you are the boss, get closer to your employees.

Practice empathic listening. Stop talking. I am a talker myself, but I recognize when I should keep quiet and listen to those around me. When you do less talking, others talk more. When they talk more, you are then able to gain insight into how you might be able to help that person somehow. If you find something you can do that is within reason and your capability, seize the moment. Don’t ask if someone needs help, just help them. Tactfully use the talents you were given at birth combined with the experiences you have had in life, and you just may be that person’s keystone.

We go through our lives having experiences unique from others, yet for some reason we always compare others to our experiences. Instead, we need to inspire and strengthen others through our experiences. By helping others through our experiences, we share what we have learned and create an extension of our own experience to them. Without having been wherever we were, we can bring another to that experience through tales and stories while teaching and helping them.

Help others more than you help yourself.

When you truly make a positive mark on someone’s life, it makes you feel great. It makes you feel like you actually made a tangible difference in this great big wide world. The thing is, if you positively affect one person’s life every week, that is 52 people you will have helped in one year. in ten years that would add up to 520 people. If you made it a habit to help one person a day in some way, significant or not, you would be in essence helping seven people a week, 365 people a year, 3650 in 10 years.

It gets better. More often than not when someone experiences something good in their life, or a random act of kindness, they share that experience with others. If using the one person a day principle these people tell 3 other people in their lives about their experience, that’s 365 people in a year that YOU affected in a positive way plus 365 to 1,095 affected by proximity. If the case is true that every one of those people tells 3 people of their experience, over ten years that’s an additional 3,650 to 10,950 individuals!

It gets even better! Using what I have said above, if the experience is significant enough there is the possibility that the second line of people might spread this on to one or more people they know. If you helped one person, they told three friends about their experience and then those friends told their families about it, you can see how the increase is exponential.

Life grows like the Fibonacci sequence. Good or bad spread the same way. Choose to be on the side of good, creating exponential positive growth by choosing to be happy right now. It is easy to be angry and upset others. It is easy to get in your car upset about something and transmute your anger into road rage. It is easy to inflict that anger onto others. It is much harder to stay sharp and happy in your current situation.

You might have the worst job in the world, but if you are happy and keep others lifted in spirits you could take the gloom away. You have the power to change any situation you are in. Good or bad, your actions affect the entire globe and course of human existence. Be happy. Right now.


It’s That Important.


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